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the Cornwall Youth Space Initiative

The Cornwall Youth Space Initiative is a visionary project aimed at providing a safe, engaging, and inclusive space for our city’s youth. Since 2020, there has been a concerning rise in police-related incidents involving young individuals, signaling an urgent need for positive outlets and community support. Led by the Cornwall Youth Space Committee, this initiative strives to create an environment that fosters growth, interaction, and well-being for our youth. With your partnership, we’re dedicated to building a haven that will positively impact generations to come.


Join us for the Cornwall Youth Space PARK RUN Fundraiser on Saturday June 22nd from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at Alexander Park in Cornwall!

How can you contribute or participate?

  • Fundraise Online: Set up an account on our Raisely site to start your own fundraising campaign: OR
  • Donate: Support our cause by donating to someone who is already participating OR
  • Register on the Day: Register with a donation-based fee at the event
  • Youth Participation: Youth under the age of 18 can participate for free
  • Prizes: Compete for prizes awarded to the top-contributing participants


Come out and support a great cause while having fun and getting active!

Date: Saturday, June 22nd: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm

Location: Alexander Park in Cornwall, ON.

Our Commitment to Transformation

Creating Lasting Change

The Impact of the Cornwall Youth Space

Through the Cornwall Youth Space initiative, we’re igniting positive change. From empowering youth with a space to connect and fostering mental well-being to strengthening community ties and nurturing lifelong skills, our vision reaches beyond physical structures – it’s about transforming lives and shaping a brighter future together.

Empowerment & Connection

By providing a vibrant hub with gazebos, basketball courts, and Wi-Fi access, we empower Cornwall's youth to connect, engage, and build valuable relationships in a safe and supportive environment.

Mental Health & Well-being

Our initiative addresses the rising mental health challenges among youth, offering a haven where they can unwind, learn, and access resources that promote emotional well-being.

Community Cohesion

Through collaborative efforts, we're fostering community cohesion by bringing together youth, community partners, and law enforcement, nurturing understanding and relationships that extend beyond the youth space.

Learning Lifelong Skills

The Cornwall Youth Space will offer diverse activities, from arts to sports, enabling youth to develop valuable life skills, enhance their self-expression, and discover new passions.

Elevating the Youth Experience

Conceptual Design

Discover the visionary conceptual design meticulously crafted by Mandy Prevost, which envisions the Cornwall Youth Space as a dynamic blend of engaging activities, vibrant aesthetics, and functional spaces, all harmonizing to create an inviting haven for Cornwall’s youth to thrive and find their sense of belonging.

youth advisory committee

Together with our community building a safe, healthy space for all youth to chill, get away, connect and thrive.

Be A Catalyst For Change

Donate now to sponsor the Cornwall Youth Space.

Your generous donation today will help us bring the Cornwall Youth Space to life, creating a legacy of empowerment, connection, and growth for our city’s youth. Join hands with us in shaping a brighter future!


Cash or in-kind donation valued at $10,000+
$ 10,000+
  • Gold Sponsor plaque in Alexander Park
  • Individual thank you post on the Cornwall Youth Space Facebook page with group photo, logo and tag
  • Gold Sponsor acknowledgement at our Grand Opening Event
  • Large-scale logo on all Cornwall Youth Space promo


Cash or in-kind donation valued at $5,000+
$ 5,000+
  • Individual thank you post on the Cornwall Youth Space Facebook page with group photo, logo and tag
  • Silver Sponsor acknowledgment at our Grand Opening Event
  • Small-scale logo on all Cornwall Youth Space promo


Cash or in-kind donation valued at $1,000+
$ 1,000+
  • Individual thank you post on the Cornwall Youth Space Facebook page with logo and tag

Friends of the Cornwall Youth Space

Any other cash or in-kind donation
$ 20+
  • Honourable mention on the Cornwall Youth Space Facebook page
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About Us

Join hands with us to build the Cornwall Youth Space – a transformative haven empowering youth, fostering well-being, and uniting our community.

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